The web application to create multimedia guides

Guidelia allows you to create your own audio guide via a web platform.


L'application web Guidelia

All the features you need to create an audioguide

  • 1 Create Create your own audioguide.
  • 2 Locate Position your points of interest on a map.
  • 3 Publish Publish your guided tour and share it with your visitors.

The advantages of using Guidelia for your tours

  • Independent management of your guided tours

    You publish your own audio guide.

  • Accessyour guides via a URL or a QR code.

    Your visitors access your audioguide with a URL or a QR code.

  • Designed for smartphones and tablets

    The application is not dependent on your visitor operating system device. Only one application for all mobile devices.

  • Instant updateof your content

    You have a new audio to share with your visitors? Add it in one click.

  • Autonomous management of your points of interest.

    One or more points of interest are temporarily unavailable? You can deactivate them quickly.

  • Simplified daily logistics

    Your visitors use their own smartphones as audioguides. No more cleaning, battery charging or devices distribution to organize.

Additional services

Complete creation of your audioguide

You don't have enough time to create your audioguide and add content to it? We can do it! Make sure to have all the content (text, images, audio, video). 

Graphic design help

You don't have someone to create a museum map or to optimize your objects' pictures? We can help you create assets for your audioguide.

 Guidelia training

You don't feel comfortable using web applications? We can give training session to one or several members of your staff.

Sound recording

You're looking for a voice to record your audio? We offer you to choose amongst a group of voice actors and we make available a recording studio. We will take care of the management and production of the sound recordings (sound take, mixing,...).

 Video making

You want to create a video ? We make available a filming studio with a greenkey for chroma key compositing as well as an editing studio. We can make: storyboard, animations 2D, motion-design, editing, color-grading and post-production.

 Educational applications development

You want to offer a native educational application? We can offer you an application that allows you to create your own storylines in game-form : question/answer, spot the difference, image-based multiple-choice questionnaire, free-answer question.